Gluttony In The Church

Hello Kickstarters my name is Jerrod I am a father of two, a husband to an awesome wife and I am currently going to college at Liberty University majoring in Religion and im doing a documentary over gluttony (over eating, obesity) in the church. I will be taking on a topic that is not really talked about on the pulpit and something that Jesus was falsely accused of committing. In fact did you know that a study was done that those that go to church once a week were 50% more likely to have an obesity problem? Some say its due to long periods of pew warming others blame potlucks but I believe the answer is a little deeper than that!

I will be Tackling questions such as what exactly is gluttony , what does the bible have to say about it, what is the history of gluttony and how did it entered the church and what the church is currently trying to do to help those with gluttony.

I will be interviewing obese& non-obese lay members & pastors also while seeking guidance and knowledge from doc

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