Relying On the Lord

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A story of a King named Asa...he was the King of Judah. He reigned for 41 years...he was a wise least in the beginning he was. We read about a time in the bible when an Ethiopian Army came out against Asa. This army was a vast many of them they couldn't be counted. Asa went out to meet them with his army...BUT Asa's army was much smaller...but he was wise. He knew that if he wanted to be victorious, it was not going to be by HIS might or HIS power...BUT it was going to be by the spirit of the LORD! Asa relied on the Lord. 2 Chronicles 14:11...Trust and RELY on the Lord. There came a point in Asa's rule where he did NOT rely on the Lord. 2 Chronicles 16:7-14...His reign took a terrible turn. God wants us to rely on HIM...depend on the Lord...Call on everything...and He WILL deliver you!

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