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Open letter of Apology to terrorist survivors ,gorilla cage, alligator Incident

Because of the things that have happened lately and the public and Christians response of lack of caring I want to apologizes to the victim of these events. The act of terrorism was not a judgement from God, it was not a punishment from God. It was an act of the devil pure and simple, he comes to kill, steal and destroy. God is a God of love and it is His love for your child, or family member or friend or employee that God sent His Son Jesus to die FOR so they could have a life full of peace and joy and fellowship with God as their Daddy.Please be assured that God loved your child and did not allow these events to happen, it was not His plan to destroy or take their lives, it was the enemies. God loves them and died for them SO THEY would not have to die, but the devil is sneaky, he kills, steals and destroys and points at God. Even some Christian ( who do not understand Gods grace) point a finger at God and say He did it. Lies all lies! Please listen to video and accept my apologies and prayers for you and your families.

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