The Dinosaur Project proudly introduces the traveling roadshow. Our ministry will be visiting churches, schools, home school events, libraries, and museums in Colorado and nationwide...all to share about dinosaurs and creation.

Five animatronic dinosaurs and one live actor share a fantastic story with kids and adults alike.
Somewhere over the Congo, a Navy pilot is forced to eject from his fighter, and winds up with his parachute tangled up, hanging him in a tree...face to face with talking dinosaurs! Dinosaurs with an opinion!
This video is a preliminary timeline that we are building for the show...the images seen are for reference only, as this is a live staged event...about 20 minutes in length with lights, fog, sound and a Q&A session after each presentation...the actors voices are temporary...and are used here to give us an idea of how the show will play out.
We are looking for funding for this project and are currently in the sculpting, molding phase of the first dinosaur, the baby trex.
We would enjoy your comments.
God Bless.

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