'Saviour' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

'Saviour' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

Check out the official music video from We Are Messengers for their new song called ‘Saviour.’ It is the perfect song to listen to as you get ready to welcome the Christmas season!

“Oh, Saviour, a child and yet a King, Lord of everything, Saviour, my Saviour
Emmanuel has come with hope for everyone, here in the darknessI see the Light of the world, here in the chaos, there is peace coming to the earth
And all this will change in the most beautiful way
With a virgin mother and a baby's birth”

The music video starts off with a children’s choir singing, and then they join the band as they all sing the powerful lyrics together.

“Absolutely beautiful! I love this! Thanks so much as always for sharing the gifts God gave y'all with us...what a blessing!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video. “A timely and much, much needed reminder of how much our world today desperately needs our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

“Well done Darren to you and all the band. Such amazing music and lyrics to challenge and encourage us in a broken world,” writes another person online.

The song ‘Saviour’ from We Are Messengers marvels at the unmatched splendor of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas with this beautiful declaration of hope. We Are Messengers write, "Jesus is our Saviour. His birth changed everything 2000 years ago and because of His life, death and resurrection we have a hope, a future and a reason to celebrate. I hope you love this video filmed with our friends in the Nashville Children's Choir. "

As we get ready for Christmas this year, we hope that this song fills you with hope and joy as we celebrate the gift of Jesus!

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