'Fire's Burnin' TobyMac And Cory Asbury Audio Video

'Fire's Burnin' TobyMac And Cory Asbury Audio Video

Listen to this new song called ‘Fire’s Burnin’’ by TobyMac and featuring Cory Asbury.

Strike it up, set a blaze, everything I’ve been chasin’, all the games I’ve been playin’
We can watch ‘em all, go up in flames, let ‘em say that I’m crazy,
But I’m leaving those days behind, I got my eyes wide open and they’re only on You
This ain’t no side thing, my ride or die thing, I put it all on the table,
You’re the one that I choose, You got my whole heart, this fires burnin’ for You”

What an amazing song! So fun and upbeat with a beautiful message.

“Thank you again and again TobyMac for awesome music that helps us to praise and worship our Heavenly Father,” comments one person on YouTube after listening to the song.

“A true gift from God. This is who you are Toby Mac. God bless you!” writes another person online.

TobyMac shared a little about how the song ‘Fire’s Burnin’’ came to be and how Cory Asbury joined the track.

“As I started singing it, it got this really smooth vocal. And somehow or another, it still sounds like me. Like a cadence-driven verse melody,” said TobyMac. “And then we were like, ‘Who would be the right guest on this?’ And there’s one guy in this industry that kind of comes from worship, but he has also never been fearful of a pop melody or a pop track, and that’s Cory Asbury, who I think is absolutely amazing. I love his humor. I love the fact that he enjoys life and loves his family. Smiles a lot, laughs a lot. He came into the studio and was like a breath of fresh air.”

TobyMac continued: “This song really is about, the heart is, ‘This fire’s burning for you. I will never stop, God. I will not stop. You are what I live for.”

What a great song, and we hope that you enjoyed listening to it today!

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