'The Greatest Gift' by Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Virginia on Jimmy Fallon

'The Greatest Gift' by Andrea Bocelli, Matteo  Virginia on Jimmy Fallon

Listen to this wonderful performance by Andrea Bocelli and his children, Matteo and Virginia, as they sing their song ‘The Greatest Gift’ on Jimmy Fallon.

“​​Come and lay your head upon my shoulder, look outside the stars are shining bright
Even though it's turned a little colder, we can light a fire, stay inside
Hear the angels sing, hear the angels sing, Hallelujah from above
Singing peace on earth, there'll be peace on earth
If we open up our hearts and give a little love”

What a lovely performance, and it is heartwarming to see Andrea performing with his kids. All three of them are so talented!

The Christmas album that the Bocelli trio recorded together is called A Family Christmas, and it includes this song ‘The Greatest Gift.’

Many people shared online about how much they enjoyed this performance of their original song.

“Three singing angels! What a beautiful musical family! Love them all!” comments one person after watching the video. “Andrea Bocelli has left us the best legacy - his singing children who carry a piece of him in their soul and voices.”

“Love is truly the greatest gift,” another person writes online. “And like the song says, ‘Together take a moment and be grateful for the joy, for the tears.’ This song is truly beautiful and their voices blend so well together!”

The Bocelli family's Christmas album also includes a collection of traditional carols arranged for the three voices. And each member of the Bocelli family gets a chance to shine on A Family Christmas with solo tracks, duets, and trios.

“We are offering our small, intimate, and heartfelt gift to anyone who wishes to enjoy the soundtrack of Christmas in the Bocelli home,” the family trio say of the album.

And Andrea Bocelli shares about how special it was working on this project with his children. ​​“I think there is nothing more beautiful than making music with your kids,” he said.

“I consider it a privilege,” Matteo added. “Singing these songs together, feeling the holiday warmth with my family is something really special. That’s what Christmas is about – making memories together to cherish forever. It’s really exciting to think that people will have a copy of our album sitting wrapped under the tree.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this special Christmas performance from the Bocelli family today!

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