Andrea Bocelli


'Return To Love' Andrea Bocelli Featuring Ellie Goulding - Christian Artists

Award winning singer and songwriter Andrea Bocelli joins with Ellie Goulding for a breathtaking rendition of ‘Return To Love.’ This song will be featured on Andrea’s upcoming album ‘Si Forever.’ After a 14-year hiatus from releasing an album, Andrea produced ‘Si’ in 2018. This international success proved that this Italian vocalist is still a powerhouse. Though he was still performing and collaborating with other artists during this time, fans were definitely ready for an Andrea album release. Now, Andrea is releasing a deluxe version of this critically acclaimed album that includes this incredible duet. “Who cares about the past Who knows about tomorrow L’amore è adesso And maybe this won’t last Maybe this moment’s All we have Let’s find out” Ellie Goulding is a popular British Singer with hits such as ‘Love Me Like You Do.’ She was beyond thrilled to duet with such an incredible voice like Andrea. “It was a huge honour that the legendary Andrea Bocelli wanted me to feature on this song with him. I have always had an affinity with classical music and I’m a sucker for a love song. It was fun and enlightening to sing in Italian – a real joy to record.” Just listen as these two voices combine to create the most incredible love ballad. “I’ll return to love And risk it all To see the world That we make I’ll return to love And take the fall As if my heart cannot break One more time” With the success of Andrea’s other recent songs, I have a feeling this one is going to be a hit too.