'Plans' Rend Collective Acoustic Music Video

Check out this acoustic music video for the new song from Rend Collective called ‘Plans.’

“I’m a blank page, you’re the author, I’m the canvas, you’re the painter
Oh, my story isn’t over, from the heartbreak, from the hurting
Lord I know that you are moving, oh, come and do a new thing
When I haven’t seen the answer to my prayer, Lord I still believe there’s a miracle to spare”

What a wonderful song from Rend Collective’s forthcoming new album that reminds us that even in the hardest times, God has plans for each and every one of us.

“Another amazing message,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video. “Praise God for your beautiful music!”

“​​Hallelujah and Amen! We love this song of worship, what a blessing to the ears,” writes another person online.

Rend Collective, the Northern Ireland-based worship band, shares their thoughts on their new song and the message behind it.

“The song ‘Plans’ is about that place where we often find ourselves—the grey space between faith and fear,” says Rend Collective. “When we haven’t seen the answer to our prayers. There are elements of the song that hang unresolved, which is real to life. It’s an emotion we wanted to capture musically. We wrote this song as a pillar for us to lean on. In some ways, this song is for us as much as it is for you. We need help remembering to trust in the character of God, even when things shift around. This song reminds us that ultimately, God has a plan for our lives.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the song ‘Plans’ today and it was able to bring you some encouragement.

Source: Rend Collective

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