Rend Collective


'Day Of Victory' Live Performance From Rend Collective - Christian Music Videos

Enjoy listening to this live performance of ‘Day of Victory’ from Rend Collective. The video starts off with the band walking the streets of Dublin. Then the scene moves into a bar where Rend Collective is playing their lively song in a crowded room. “We have a story of grace We have an anthem of hope We have a reason to praise We are redeemed and restored You are the great liberator You ransomed us from our shame Now by the blood of the Savior Everything broken will change Oh, this will be my day of victory My chains are gone, now I am free indeed Every debt is paid by amazing grace All that’s left is to celebrate Your love has won I’m free indeed, my jubilee has come” The people look like they are having such a great time as Rend Collective is singing ‘Day of Victory.’ The crowd is jumping around and smiling from ear to ear while they are listening to the uplifting music. It looks like such a fun party! And life in Jesus should feel just like that, an amazing celebration! “Love this song! It's so important to realize the victory we have in Christ and to live in that victory! We can claim every day to be our victory day!” writes one YouTube user on the ‘Day of Victory’ video. Another YouTube comment reads: “Rend Collective, you never cease to amaze me. Your music is always so beautiful, inspirational and moves me, every time. I am happy to know that talented people like yourselves are using your gifts to serve our Lord and bring people such an awesome experience, even if it is just a tiny taste of what we will actually experience that one great day in heaven - it is so exciting!” This song reminds us that God turns our mourning into dancing, and He breaks the chains that once held us down. As his beloved children, we are able to rejoice in His marvelous light, because we are fully alive in Him!