‘Thank You, Lord’ Dad Breaks Down After All 4 Daughters Surprise Him At Retirement Party

‘Thank You, Lord’ Dad Breaks Down After All 4 Daughters Surprise Him At Retirement Party

One man could not believe his eyes when he saw that all four of his daughters had made it to his retirement party.

Parents want nothing but the best for their children. Regardless of how old their children may be, parents hope and pray that their kids are always happy, healthy and successful. Any parent wants this for their child.

As children tend to do, they grow up and start their own lives. This often means heading out into the world, starting a career, getting a job that takes them hundreds, possibly even thousands of miles away from their parents. Naturally, this means that children and parents won’t see each other regularly.

That’s why one man had such an emotional reaction when he saw all four of his daughters in person at his retirement party, a video on YouTube shows.

As the short clip’s narrator states, one man’s children flew in from different parts of the country to give their dear dad a big surprise. The father, who does not suspect a thing, turns the corner and proceeds to walk up the stairs.

He gets about halfway up and notices the four young women waiting at the top for him. He cannot contain his emotions. He immediately begins crying, knowing that it has been years since they have all been together.

Once he reaches the top of the stairs, it’s hugs, kisses and tears all around. He then thanks the good Lord above for bringing his children to him to help celebrate this special occasion.

“Thank you, Lord,” the man exclaims. 

He later adds, “What a surprise.”

It’s safe to say that he was more than a little happy to be seeing all of his children once again.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

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