Young Man's Emotional Reaction to Mother's College Graduation Captures Hearts

Young Man's Emotional Reaction to Mother's College Graduation Captures Hearts

A young man’s emotional and sweet reaction to his mother’s college graduation is sure to capture and melt your heart.

Life is a series of unexpected and unpredictable ups and downs. In that time, everyone experiences monumental life-changing, mountaintop moments. Weddings, births, job promotions and retirements are all big, meaningful and always a cause for celebration. 

Another big, life-changing moment that many people experience every May is graduating and being awarded a diploma. Whether from high school or college, graduating is an achievement. It's a big step in someone’s life that should be recognized and celebrated. Hopefully, obtaining that degree or diploma is a big step toward a better, more prosperous and happier life.

A clip posted on social media shows an adorable young man who became overcome with emotion and understood what a significant achievement graduating from college is. The short 25-second clip is of him and his father watching his mother’s college graduation when the tears start flowing.

The graduates, wearing their caps and gowns, are crowded together in what appears to be a baseball stadium. It seems that the ceremony has just concluded. Several of the people remove their caps while others start to walk in different directions, with the camera focusing on one woman in particular. 

At about the 16-second mark, the man behind the camera speaks up, checking in on his son.

“Oh no, Bubba, what’s wrong?” the father asks the emotional young man.

“I love my mom,” the little guy says. “It’s happy tears, dad.”

The father seems touched by his young son’s happiness over his mother’s educational achievement.

“Oh, my goodness,” the father responds.

What a sweet and precious moment! Mom graduating from college and her son’s joyful, emotional reaction to that special occasion is a memory that mom, dad and their son will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Psalm 37:4 “So will your delight be in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.”

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