9-Year-Old Stuns With “Wizard Of Oz” Dance Audition

9-Year-Old Stuns With “Wizard Of Oz” Dance Audition

Check out this pint-sized Dorothy, the 9-year-old who stuns judges with her “Wizard of Oz” dance audition on Britain’s Got Talent! She is one cutie patootie!

Miss Mischa Palor appears before BGT’s judges sporting a huge kid smile, and bright white teeth of various sizes and shapes. She’s wearing a blue checked dress adorned with two glittery, red bows, and her hair is in braids. She tells them that she is from Birmingham. When the audience applauds her home city, Mischa giggles in the most adorable way!  

Simon asks Mischa what she dreams of doing one day. Mischa says that she hopes to sing, act, or be a BGT Judge. How about that! The little charmer is cute and smart! 

And, though singing is one of Mischa’s aspirations, she tells Simon that she is going to dance for them. He wishes her luck, and Mischa turns around, scampers toward the back of the stage, and gets into position. 

Amanda Holden’s recording of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” starts and Mischa impresses Judge Amanda right away with her first jump. Mischa’s moves are graceful and flowing, her dance beautifully conveying the story of daydreaming Dorothy. 

All of a sudden, though, the storm comes! We hear thunder and see lightning strike! The judges are startled, and Mischa’s routine instantly switches from sweet to sassy! She’s “not in Kansas anymore.” 

Mischa delivers a series of twirls, jumps, kicks, fist pumps, and a front walkover—a merging of hip hop moves and gymnastics. Judy Garland never did it as Mischa does! Synchronizing her moves expertly to the music, Mischa drops into a perfect split as the last note lands, and she’s still smiling ear-to-ear!

As Mischa stands to hear from the panel, Simon tells her that she is the “happiest contestant” that they have ever had! Simon, Amanda, David, and Alesha are smitten with Mischa. We think there may be a couple of handsome lads in the audience that are likewise afflicted! The judges give Mischa four “yesses,” and she claps her little hands in front of her and covers her mouth in excitement. She leaves the stage waving and smiling! 

Keep waving and smiling, Miss Mischa! Those two simple actions will make life so much sweeter for you and those you meet along the way!

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 15:13

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