Cheers Erupt When 6-Year-Old Returns To School After Beating Cancer

Cheers Erupt When 6-Year-Old Returns To School After Beating Cancer

Pull out the tissues and get ready for a beautifully moving video. In this clip, cheers erupt when a 6-year-old returns to school after beating cancer.

John Oliver is a 6-year-old living in Newbury, Ohio. He finally became cancer free and returned to school in January 2020. At the start of the video, we hear whispers of anticipation and see students of a variety of ages lined up in a hallway. They are all waiting to surprise and celebrate John for his recovery from his battle with cancer.

It is absolutely emotional watching this precious young boy walk through a crowd of students cheering for him. I cannot even imagine how he and his family must have felt in this humbling and motivating experience. John walks up to a friend or two and says hi. Then, we see his parents at the end of the tunnel of students and faculty waving at him. The dad has a shirt with #JoStrong on the back of it.

John waves at the crowd with a smile on his face. His mom gives him a kiss and a hug and his dad speaks with him and hugs him too. Then, the family poses for a picture together.

This community act of celebrating the victory of another is inspiring. This young boy John has gone through more than many of us could imagine. He was victorious and we can celebrate with this student body while watching. As believers, we are called to stand by each other. Believers are all part of the family of God. When our brothers or sisters mourn, we mourn with them, when they are celebrating, we celebrate with them. This school reminds us of the power of community.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” Romans 12:15

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