'Glorious Impossible / O Come, Let Us Adore Him' Gaither Vocal Band

'Glorious Impossible / O Come, Let Us Adore Him' Gaither Vocal Band

Check out the official lyric video by the Gaither Vocal Band for ‘Glorious Impossible / O Come, Let Us Adore Him.’

“See the Virgin is delivered in a cold and crowded stall, mirror of the Father's glory
Lies beside her in the straw, He is Mercy's incarnation, marvel at this miracle!
For the Virgin gently holds, the Glorious Impossible, Love has come to walk on water
Turn the water into wine, touch the leper, bless the children, love both human and divine
Praise the wisdom of the Father, who has spoken through His Son, speaking still
He calls us to the Glorious Impossible”

What a wonderful song, and the voices of the Gaither Vocal Band are just incredible! They all sound so good individually and even better together! And their harmonies sound amazing throughout the song.

In the video, the group is surrounded by Christmas décor and there are lights all around the stage. The joyful sound and message of the song reminds us about the true reason for the holiday season.

While the Gaither Vocal Band is singing ‘Glorious Impossible,’ there is a chorus of singers on the side of the stage. And they almost sound like angels singing in the background! Later in the song, the singers transition to singing the Christmas hymn ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him.’ It is incredibly beautiful to hear and just warms your heart to listen to the music!

“The entire song is beautiful! But this last part was the icing on the cake!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “I heard it once, twice, three, ten times!”

“Just simply anointed! Thank you!” writes another person online.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the Gaither Vocal Band sing ‘Glorious Impossible / O Come, Let Us Adore Him’ and it was able to get you in the Christmas spirit!

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