State Trooper Heroically Rescues Cat from Dangerous Road

State Trooper Heroically Rescues Cat from Dangerous Road

Check out this video of a state trooper heroically rescuing a cat on the side of a dangerous road. A good Samaritan was also there to lend a helping hand.

“You’re okay, bud. You’re okay,” an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper named Katie Thomas says to the adorable black cat stuck in a scary situation. From the body cam footage taken from the camera that the state trooper was wearing, you can see the whole heroic rescue unfold on the side of the busy highway.

A good samaritan also came to the rescue and worked with Officer Thomas to get the sweet cat to safety. During the rescue, the cat became scared and tried to hide in the patrol car on top of a wheel. Using its claws, the cat was pretty stuck up there, and Officer Thomas had to work to pry the cat free.

“Come on. You gotta let go,” the state trooper said to the cat to encourage it to let go of the tire and come out from under the patrol car. Eventually, the little cat was retrieved from under the patrol car, and the good samaritan was able to hold it for a minute to offer some comfort.

Then the cat was put in the back seat of the patrol car and was finally out of harm’s way. But after such a scary incident, the cat would not stop meowing after being placed in the backseat.

Thankfully, the state trooper was able to drive the cat to the Toledo Humane Society. And the staff there appropriately named the rescue kitty Trooper!

Because of Officer Thomas and the good samaritan’s actions, the cat named Trooper was able to be adopted and find their forever home! God bless these two women who saved the day for this sweet little cat!

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