Rainbow Appears As Funnel Cloud Moves Across The Sky

Rainbow Appears As Funnel Cloud Moves Across The Sky

In life, awful, terrible circumstances can and do occur, causing fear, anxiety and worry to bubble up, but one video perfectly illustrates that there is hope and beauty just beyond the horizon.

As beautiful, breathtaking and majestic as nature is, it can turn deadly, resulting in loss and devastation. Hurricanes, wildfires and snowstorms can all destroy and wreak havoc. Tornadoes are another common force of nature that can end in property damage and even loss of life.

However, one video shows that during a tornado, something beautiful can come out of a storm. The video, posted on YouTube, shows a tornado moving across the sky in Champaign County, Illinois on Feb. 27. 

While the funnel cloud moved across the sky in central Illinois, something rather spectacular happened. Moments later, a rainbow becomes visible. The rainbow can be seen in the video, stretching across the sky. 

Then just as quickly as the rainbow appeared, it's gone. The funnel cloud also seems to dissipate. 

Text in the video reads that prior to the video capturing the tornado, Champaign County had been under several tornado warnings. The following morning, though, after the rainbow appeared, those warnings were removed, the video’s text reads.

Even during the storm, when all hope appears to be lost, God is still in control. Yes, the storms of life may threaten us and might even leave us battered and bruised, but He will never leave or forsake us. 

If we just hold on to God and have faith in Him during life’s many challenges and hardships, there is beauty and peace beyond the horizon. His love endures! 

The video is an awesome display, showing that amidst the storm, there is still beauty and hope! 

Genesis 9:13 “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”

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