Lucille Ball And Carol Burnett Fight Over Tim Conway In Classic Skit

Lucille Ball And Carol Burnett Fight Over Tim Conway In Classic Skit

Enjoy a generous dose of comedy when Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett fight over Tim Conway from season 1 of the Carol Burnett show. You’ll be tickled by how far both ladies are willing to go in order to gain customers and hit their car rental quotas.

The skit opens just outside an airport with Gertz and Mavis car rentals stationed just outside gate 15. The pair pretend they do not like each other and do their best to insult each other in any way they can. They even get into a squabble while dusting their work areas. Lucille then rubs it in that Gertz is number one while Carol will always be stuck as second best. 

Carol proceeds to put on lipstick, and tells Carol she’s a big mouth. Lucille responds quickly, “Look who’s talking! Ha, four lipsticks a day,” she said. Finally, they get a customer which happens to be Tim Conway, when their act to secure him as a customer amps up. This clip will have you belly laughing when he decides to go with a different company altogether. 

Lucille Ball appeared on The Carol Burnett show several times during its 11-season run. Even though Lucille was more than two decades older than Carol, they became close friends. They provided immense support for each other in their careers. These two gorgeous stars provided so much joy and laughter throughout their careers before Lucille Ball died in 1989. 

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