Nicole C. Mullen Reminds Us To Trust In God's Timing

Nicole C. Mullen Reminds Us To Trust In God's Timing

It may be a hard lesson to master, but during a recent episode of Better Together, Nicole C. Mullen reminds us to trust in God’s Timing. Check out this excerpt from the show for several pieces of wisdom from the ladies.

Many watch The View, The Real, or The Talk, but TBN’s Better Together offers advice for Christian living from faithful women. This 11-minute clip features wisdom from four of the five women on set. The hosts and guests on this episode are: CeCe Winans, Nicole C. Mullen, Kalley Heiligenthal, Beth Redman, and Brooke Ligertwood.

After a quick flash from later in the video, CeCe Winans reflects on the feeling many women have that we must protect ourselves—that if we don’t, perhaps no one will. CeCe remarks that we are in error when we put things on our backs that God never intended for us to carry in the first place. 

It’s Nicole who speaks next about the burdens that we foolishly bear. God wants us to take things off our list. And, he wants us to rely on His strength rather than ours. Too many times, we make life harder than it needs to be by trying to handle too much, too alone.

Kalley weighs in next, sharing her own experience as someone who has at times missed out on the joy that comes during the process of getting to a goal or destination. She describes herself as someone whose tendency is to “bulldoze” to and through things in her life. And, in doing so, she’s at times missed out on the opportunity to commune and depend on Jesus along the way.

Our goals should be not merely ours. According to Nicole, they should be supported by our Heavenly Father. While she has a few personal goals, ultimately, she desires to satisfy God’s will for her life. And CeCe comments that it’s important to hold on to our plans and dreams “loosely,” allowing always for God’s will to be done.   

While we often think our steps or actions get us to where we want to be, Kalley has learned that the accomplishment of plans and goals have everything to do with how God orchestrates events and situations. Our plans are small, rarely reflective of what He alone can accomplish. 

We often make the mistake of setting up timetables in our lives. We think we can control when things happen in our lives, when our dreams come to fruition. Nicole says that’s where we really go wrong. Beth concurs, saying that she has repeatedly found disappointment and heartbreak when she’s tried to force the big moments of her life to take place on her schedule.

The segment closes with a few moments of wisdom from Nicole. She encourages viewers to allow God to bring us through a process of maturation as we wait for our longings to be realized—or better yet, the blessings He has for us. Assuring us that beauty is found when we exchange our schedules for His far better ones, she reminds viewers that without doing so, our lives will be like a cake that is “gooey,”messy, and half baked. Jesus gets it done to perfection!   

These truths, shared in 11 minutes, are the things women need to hear. These words of encouragement are far more impactful and potentially life-changing than the latest gossip or heated debate. Thank you, TBN, for the community you provide and the Better Together program!  

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3 

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