Oliver Steele Earns Top 10 Spot With ‘Georgia On My Mind’

Oliver Steele Earns Top 10 Spot With ‘Georgia On My Mind’

A contestant on American Idol took a classic from the legendary Ray Charles in a completely different direction.

Oliver Steele has shown repeatedly this season that he possesses a ton of musical talent. He is one of the few remaining contestants, making it into the top 10 on American Idol and deservedly so. He hopes that his distinct voice, guitar playing and fresh takes on classics will secure enough votes to get him over the finish line. 

On his latest appearance on the American Idol stage, Oliver performed “Georgia on My Mind,” a hit from the late Ray Charles. However, he took the beloved song about the southern state in a completely different direction. 

The talented musician really put his own touch on the song, completely reworking the sound. It almost sounds like an entirely different song, nearly unrecognizable from the original. 

Oliver, with his performance of the 1960s Ray Charles track, shows he understands what is at stake. At this point in the competition, the musicians are looking for ways to stand out and be remembered by those sending in their votes. 

No one – the judges, the studio audience and those watching at home – wants a karaoke version, where the singer on stage regurgitates the lyrics in the same exact way as the original. Musicians are naturally risk takers, open to trying something new. Oliver tried something very different with “Georgia on My Mind.” 

Some may have enjoyed Oliver’s version, while others may not be too keen on it. The studio audience seemed to appreciate Oliver’s efforts as they gave him a hearty round of applause. They weren’t the only ones who enjoyed Oliver’s rendition. At the 45-second mark of the clip, Katy Perry is spotted moving her head around as Oliver performs. 

Oliver has proven repeatedly that he deserves to be one of the last remaining contestants on the popular program. His performance of “Georgia on My Mind” was just the latest example. 

Psalms 150:4 “Praise him with the tambourine and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.”

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