Everywhere is Where You Are

The song is about the omnipresence of God-Psalm 139.

He is our shepard.Psalm 23
No matter who you are or where you are God is always right where you are.
That He loves you more than anyone could ever imagine.
God is our refuge and our strength,a very present help in trouble.Psalm 46
If I mount up through the heavens
Way on out beyond the stars
I'll still be basking in your presence
Everywhere is where you are
Closer to me now than breathing
Nearer to me than my hands and feet
No place I can go to flee your spirit
You're in everyone I'll ever meet
In the words of saints and sages
You were never very far
In our midst the rock of ages
Everywhere is where you are

If I sail across the ocean
Or drop down to the bottom of the sea
Your hand will still be there to guide me
There's no place that you could never be
repeat chorus

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