If you never knew a lot about Jesus Christ: LISTEN NOW!

If no one has told you about Jesus Christ or you haven't looked into Him, know this: Jesus Christ loves you! We have all done evil at one point and we all are undeserving. But hope is found in the Lord who was crucified and died for us at the cross. We sometimes think our sin is too dark and heinous to be forgiven. But the Lord has authority over all our sins and only He can lift us out of them!

Christ isn't found in churches of stone, or in religion, or in dogmas. Jesus wants all men to come to know Him and repent and be found.

Jesus Christ knows your pain and He is healing. If mankind ever had a greater friend or leader; it is Jesus the Christ only. No matter how Christian me or others get, we can't save anyone. The only person who can save is the Lord Christ!

Pray for a moment...

Dear Lord, I have tried everything, people have come up short for me, and I am sinking in my troubles. Jesus come and free me from all this. I want to know more about You. I want to come close to You. I need Your help. Please fill my heart with You. Break me free from these chains and lift me up. Teach me my king and liberate me from the lies that I've been taught in the past. Please take me, Jesus Christ, and make me one of your children. I ask for forgiveness and I ask for your freedom. Make me a new person in You. In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

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