Amazing New Christian Inspirational Artist Flora Cruz 10 No Regrets - I'm So Blessed

"Dulce Melodia" is the solo debut album by New Jersey based singer, Flora Cruz, released via indie record label, Mixtape Sessions. This full-length LP is a sweet composition of words and songs written by Flora Cruz and her brother and the album’s producer, Adam Cruz. The Spanish words "Dulce Melodia" translate to 'Sweet Melody' – a perfect definition. Each song is crafted as an uplifting message, beautifully describing our relationship with love, God and each other. Whether we’re overcoming struggles, empowering ourselves or attempting to live our lives to the fullest, each groove will keep you dancing and keep you inspired. The "Dulce Melodia" LP has its own distinct sound but is heavily influenced by several genres including Dance/Electronic, Funk, Soul, Latin, Pop, and Jazz music. Take a listen and let your sunshine out!

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