The Welsh Revival - Evan Roberts - Great Christian Revivals

Great Christian Revivals DVD is an emotional, inspirational and uplifting account of some of the greatest revivals in church history. 72 minute documentary from

Set to a historic soundtrack, including Parry's Jerusalem, the viewer is taken on location to witness the actual places where many special outpourings came to pass.

Drawing upon archive information, the stories of these Christian revivals are brought to life through the testimony of those who witnessed the events first-hand. Using computer animation, historic photos and depictions, the events of the past are weaved into the present, as the old and new are blended together to bring the stories alive.

Discover in a brand new light, the amazing accounts of the Welsh Revival, the Hebridean Revival and the Evangelical Revival. Weep with Evan Roberts as he pleads with God to change a country, join Duncan Campbell as the Holy Spirit visits a community and remember John Wesley and George Whitefield, as twenty-five percent of the nation gets saved!

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