Apostolics of Bellefonte/ Harrison,AR. Rev.Fontenot I had Scoliosis/Jesus healed Me!Apostolic Miracle/

Teresa Terry, March, 2007

Apostolic Church, Belfonte, AR / Pastor Leon Fontenot

I found out I had Scoliosis at the age of 33. I am now 61 years old. My spine was shaped like a backward S. Later on in my life I fell and damaged a vertebra at my waistline. I have suffered pain from my neck down to my legs for over 31 years. The doctors couldn't do anything for me except give me pain pills and muscle relaxers. I was baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost a year and a half ago, Praise the Lord! (But I was not healed at that time.)

During a recent revival at my home church I was prayed over for my back (March 6th). The following day I visited my doctor and he told me that my back was straightening out. I knew I had been in no pain since prayer the night before but now I knew for sure that Jesus had healed me! I no longer need pain medication! Every day my spine is a little straighter! Oh, Thank You, JESUS!

I would also like to share this part of my personal testimony. The night I received the Holy Ghost, the Lord completely took away my craving for cigarettes. But after I quit smoking my lungs began filling up with fluid and mucus. I have suffered with this for the past year and a half. The Lord spoke to me (through the ministry) and said He was going to heal my lungs. I was healed! No more problems! I can now talk and breathe effortlessly and free! Praise you JESUS!


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