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Stop Online Exploitation is a growing movement that is sending a clear message to state and federal representatives, along with companies like Craigslist and several other websites, that we want online access to human trafficking and [email protected]%$#ution to stop today. This is important, because the recent removal of the word 'erotic' from Craigslist has done virtually nothing to end the web-based trafficking and [email protected]%!ution now exploding in every community in America. Using the Stop Online Exploitation system you can easily send your personal, written message – via the US mail - directly to your own state's attorney general and federal legislators – as well as the CEO's of Craigslist,, AdultFriendFinder and several other online sources of trafficking and [email protected]#ution. These letters will demand action to Stop Online Exploitation immediately. Our goal is to bring this one, powerful message directly to decision makers in government and business. We must flood these offices with your letters – calling for immediate action to stop online exploitation.

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