MIKE BENSON - THE CONQUERORS - Part 1 of 6: His Amazing Testimony Of What God Can Do When We Hand Him The Broken Pieces

Mike Benson, President and Team Captain of THE CONQUERORS International Strength Team breaks things in front of live audiences around the world. From bending big iron bars on his chin to breaking thick bricks, one would never know that Mike grew up with a broken heart.

Mike shares his amazing life story here in this six part series. He shares of how he longed to have the love and acceptance of his father, but never received it. Out of a broken heart and wounded soul, (so typical of children who never had the love and acceptance that boys especially need to grow up well-adjusted), pent up anger and then rebellion overtook him, and it took him down the path leading only to ruin, which it always does, in one way or the other.

Prisons are full of men who have broken hearts. (This goes for women in prison as well, in most cases). If you could hear the story of most men in prison, you will find a common denominator. What IS that common denominator? They never had a father period, or the relationship they had with their father was anything but acceptance and love. Yet by the time you hear all of Mikes powerful testimony, you will discover that God has become a Father that not only fully accepts and loves each of us, He is also a Father who heals broken hearts, and takes our messes and turns them into amazing hope inspiring messages for others.

Mike has a message of hope that nothing in this world can top, because the author of this message happens to be God!

If your heart is broken, no matter what the reason might be, we highly encourage you to listen to all of Mikes testimony. Mike has tapped into a relationship with God that has no limitations on what God can do in each of our lives, if we will just allow Him room to work.

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