A woman without excuse

The most life changing times I have had with Jesus is the times that He would express His love for me. Following could be firm dicipline but it did not take away from the profound message of love I felt.

In the scripture Jesus blessed the children and challenged the adults to become as children. Oh can your mind grasp what it is to be a child again? To allow yourselves the kind of relationship with God that we have missed as a child. Sometimes we need the Lord to heal the damaged places of our past. With a smile on my face ... God provides arms that allow grown children to climb up like children and be nurtured through the tragedies of early days.

Salvation is God giving us a chance to start over again. He will not abuse the children that come to Him. Through clumsy newness of praise I approached Him like a toddler on unskillful legs. In this place my worship turns into a kiss on His face and I am held by the caress of His anointing. I learn with this intimacy and in time He has no ulterior motives, for His caress consumes my fear and His love dissipates any bitterness I came with.

In Job 11:16-19 it says in part Because thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as waters that pass away. So what does that mean exactly? Well lets go stand in a stream with waters around our ankles. The water that passes by you at that moment you will never see again.

This video is meant to express my heart for my Lord. To express the knowing that the trees that stand around my home's edge like court stenographers, recording the events that happen to me and my children! It is even meant to express openly to you and to God taht I know at one point in my sniveling I questioned Him ... saying why does this Heavenly court seem to be without expression or interferance. Yet today I am a woman without excuse and it is He I wait to defend me. It is even up to Him whether I am defended. Is it not enough that first he created me

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