When God is in to Games

This is a message that calls us all to enter into the most dramatic adventure of all times - an adventure that far surpasses the reckless expediations of the most ambitious player. It's a game that will claim your entire world of existence. God etched these questions upon the tablets of our beings. He gives us these question marks that cause us to astrive for answers. Chess is a thought provoking game simply because it trains us to think several steps ahead before making a move. God is wanting us to play in such away to know who we are ... why were here ... and He wants to give us clear direction for our lives. He wants to direct us out of mediocrity and train us to live a life that counts.

When our little kid passion for the impossible dies, everything worth living for slowly suffocates as well. We give up our hopes of finding a sence of victorious fullfillment and purpose each day; Playing chess may not make a dynamic difference in this world but discovering a love that lasts a lifetime; or of enjoying enduring friendships. What seems further from our reach is ever being on intimate terms with God. We scoff at the idea of us pawns ever experiencing a passionate love with the King.

What if before sitting down to a game of chess we knew that we knew that not only did God want us to win but he was going to help us and guide us for a potential win. Highlight areas on the board and leave us to challenge ourselves to victory. The sweeter the win is when we know we were challenged and a for sure win was not ours. God wants to blow our minds with what seems like a crazy plot that turns last minute heroics.

In this video I include segments of the movie Four Feathers. It's about a British soldier with a golden future - until he inexplicably resigns from his regiment right before going off to battle. He is branded a coward by his friends and comrades with a box that comes with their four names on four different cards and four

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