Prayer Perplexity

Performed by the drama team at Crossroads Community Church and written by Judson Poling from Willow Creek Community church..."Several brief scenes illustrate comically the confusion in our culture about prayer. In the first scene, a group of people pray fervently---to rip off the heads of the opposing team! Then a child's nighttime prayer becomes a confusing theology lesson from mom who doesn't really understand why we pray. Next, a man prays for the meal, and puts on a holy sounding prayer voice complete with religious vocabulary. A teenager prays for justice on her ex-friend who stole her boyfriend. A shipwrecked man promises God anything, but backs out of it all when rescued. A memorized mealtime prayer doesn't quite fit---at a funeral! Finally, a committee trying to update prayer goes to ridiculous lengths. In the end, the actors paraphrase the Lord's prayer, and we see the wonderful simplicity of Jesus' model."

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