Can you yet fathom the vastness of the confines of eternity? You must learn to operate and to function more fully in this place. THE TIME IS AT HAND. Even as you have noticed the great acceleration in the spirit that is causing time to move faster, and the days to grow shorter. Did I not say that even for My elects sake that the time would be shortened? I did, for there is great turmoil and great fear that has encompassed the entire earth, and mens hearts are failing them for fears that have come upon the earth. Many are realizing that they have put their faith and their trust in these temporal things, these temporal comforts of life that are failing. I have exhorted and warned My people time and time again that they must learn to put all of their, hope, faith, and trust in Me, for I alone am the only One who cannot fail them. Most others will fail them, and this temporal system of mammon will surely fail them. But My Kingdom cannot soon fail them, for Mine is a Kingdom that cannot soon be shaken or overturned. My Kingdom is a Kingdom that is without fail and that is without end. MY KINGDOM IS ETERNAL. This is why My people and My children must learn to focus on and to abide in the realm of the eternal. [extreme, xtreme, encounter]

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