United States in Prophecy 5-9

United States in Bible Prophecy Prophecy 5 of 9<br />

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Full length versions of our videos are now available on Google Video video.google.com, VeOh www.veoh.com elsewhere on the internet. This week in our Mid-East Bible Prophecy Update teaching, we take a look at the United States of America in Bible Prophecy. This is a timely teaching at this time in our country when we find ourselves in the midst of an election year like none ever before. Never before has there been 2 so starkly contrasted sides divied along Biblical lines as we see this year. Then this Financial Catastrophe hits us with the whole world watching in the midst of it all. Things are really shaking up and people are feeling shaky too! Hebrews twelve says God will shake all things so that those things which can not be shaken will remain. I pray these verse sometimes as the Lord leads, in hopes the those who do not know Jesus might see that they need something solid like the Rock of Salvation to cling to. Time to start storing up your treasure in heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt and thieves do not break in and steal, because, as the Bible foretold, the things of this earth, including our great nation, are passing away.<br />
All of JD's teachings originally presented &amp; recorded at our services at Calvary Chapel of Kaneohe, where we teach chapter by chapter &amp; verse by verse thru the Bible. This was recorded on September 20st, 2008 A.D. Teachings are seen on cable on Olelo www.olelo.org &amp; heard on KLHT radio 1040 AM or at www.klght.org or they you may listen to or download them for free, in there entirety from our web site www.calvarychapelkaneohe.com.<br />
See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not when they refused him that warned them on earth, much more shall not we escape who turn away from him that warneth from heaven: whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once mo

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