Jeremy Camp-"Speaking Louder Than Before"

I don't normally post videos that aren't mine or related to my church, but I was very compelled to post this one. This song has become one of my favorite songs. Its shows the huge need for us as Christians to rise up and spread the Word and His love for us. In my youth group I've heard ever since the 7th grade the statistics that 75% of all Christian will stop going to church as they start going to college. I never thought this was true, at least definitely not for my church, but I am now nearing the end of my senior year in high school and I've seen it happen to my church and many of my friends and it terrifies me. So many people aren't Christians and so many are falling away from Christianity. THE NEED IS REAL, we all need to do something to get the Word out. THE THREAT IS REAL, we all need to work to protect our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, don't let them give in to temptation, lose faith, and fall away. I don't want my friends to go to Hell, do you? As one we can stop this, are you going to help?

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