The Master's Heart

The Master's Heart

1 John 4:15-19,
Mark 14:3,
Luke 7:37-38

The Master's Heart

1.Are you afraid in the middle of the night?
Are you afraid in the day?
Have you not heard of the lovingkindness
Of the One Who would make you His own?

If you are living in the shadow of death
Filled with the torment of fears
Why not cast care on the One who cares
His love will cast all fears away

In His presence all your fears will melt away
And He loves you, following the Father's heart
Jesus loves you, led by love divine to the cross and the grave, Now He has borne all your fears 2x
Jesus has borne all your fears 2x

2.Have you begun to explore greater love
That's flowing from Calvary's Lamb
Moved by His Spirit of love deep within
Yours and His heart beat as one

Marking His footsteps, you bear His cross
To share God's love with all the world
Jesus, Your love now has made me whole
And so I break my life for You

Are you loving, following the Master's hand
Are you loving, following the Father's heart
I am loving, following Jesus to the ends of the earth, following the Master's hand (2x)
following the Master's heart (3x)