CBC Itasca Youth Camp 2008 - Part 3

The students from CBC Itasca had an amazing time at youth camp this year. The theme was RIDE THE TIDE and the main emphasis was on having a consistent walk with the Lord. This is part three of the video documenting a truly amazing week! The first song (Whatever You're Doing by Sanctus Real) shows clips from the night where the message was about serving others. After Worship, we served one another by washing one another's feet. It was an extremely moving and emotional night that all will hopefully remember and take with them long after camp. The clips during song 2 (Hallelujah You're Love Makes Me Sing) show some of Family night and alot of SINGING! :) If you'd like to see more of CBC Itasca's Youth Camp 2008, check out our other videos The last video (part 4) will include the TALENT SHOW! :)

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