Captain American comic series episode 1

Captain America was killed in the comic by his own writer! Was this guy copying God and His Word? Who knows. Captain American woke up in a morgue in India in real life for the first time! He had crossed over from the cartoon dimension into the real world: and he can go and come as he pleases = immortality! He needs some Timberland boots that only cost $75: but the American $100 bill was refused! After transferring this into euros, the Captain had just $50! He no longer had enough for the needed shoes! Furious, Captain American grabbed the clerk by the collar and demanded to know what was going on! Netzero, Windstream, and Compaq (HP) were the companies responsible, and they depend on the US consumer (us) for 85% of their customer support. Without us, India can run to the hills for their lives! I chose Iron Maiden to be the artist of the song because they are from the UK and have policy that if any country sells the UK 50% they must also purchase 50% which = balance! I have diagnosed the American government as being unbalanced (bipolar) in buying 100% China and selling 0% = repression, bankruptsy, spiraling downward futher and further! California teaches 5th graders homo#!#uality in the public schools and now 40+ million babies have been aborted! Natural disasters are inevitable and yes I am thankful to be free from wearing that hidiously gay costume! Are you an American or an American't? Your answer will define your fate and place in this future steadily approaching. Join me in fighting real villians Netzero, Compaq (HP), and Windstream! Or join with the villians Hankster the Gangster came with the wind (Windstream), Compaq (HP), and Netzero. Choose this day whom you will follow!

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