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The Coming of Christ - The Age of Light

In a world that is quickly advancing into a time frame that is perilously close to the Second Coming of Christ, it is very important to remember the promises that Scripture foretells regarding the nature of the Lord's Return, as well as the rewards that will follow for those who are faithful, persevering, and loving towards Christ and others around them. The Lord's return will be a spectacular sight, with angels in the millions descending upon the redeemed. The glory that will be manifested in Christ will also be a sight to behold, for He will come in glory to judge the living and the dead - and light will be His very garment. Will you be on the side of the living? This is a question that every living soul on earth will need to answer inwardly and outwardly. We may never be perfect, but trusting Christ for redemption and guidance is the key to perfection and glory to come.

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