Sights & Sounds: Zambia - Kalungu: Part 1

It took team Kalungu a grueling 12-13 hour bus ride to arrive at the FCE Base in Kalungu. After a brief tour of the base, orientation, and a couple of work days, we had a small break in the village outside of FCE. Everyone paired up and spent a couple of nights with various hosts of the village. Me & Nathan spent our evening(s) at the fire with the kids, watching them dance and sing. On Sunday, we all met up at the Pentecostal Holiness Church. While Giselle & Brian of our team spoke the sermon with a translator; some of us were outside doing daycare with the children. We did crafts, songs, and games. We did this for one full day when our team was together before returning to the base to resume work.

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