Nikki & Babs: Dos and Doubts Trailer

Who said opposites attract? That's the first thing on Nikki's mind when she's forced to spend the summer with her flaky, energetic cousin Babs – Nikki and Babs go together like oil and water, pink and red, stripes and plaid... that is to say, they don't!

So when sarcastic, tomboy Nikki and bubbly Babs find themselves battling it out for the same position at a local radio station, or competing in a beauty pageant together, you can be guaranteed that hilarity ensues. Nikki & Babs: Dos and Doubts is a truly refreshing, faith-friendly teen comedy series that is anything but predictable.

Portraying the delightful experience of growing up while embracing all the drama and excitement that goes with it, Nikki & Babs is the perfect resource for young girls who crave original entertainment they can relate to and learn from.

"Boyfriends, first jobs, jealousy, and celebrity obsessions... Nikki and Babs have to confront it all in their own unique ways," declares Cloud Ten Pictures' Executive Producer/Director, André van Heerden.

Over the course of the summer, the mismatched duo discovers that the age-old cliché just might ring true, as the polar opposite teens overcome their differences to find that friendship can be found in even the most unlikely situations. Throughout the series, the comical clashes of these two unlikely best friends impart important life lessons and spiritual growth along the way, all the while maintaining the show's lighthearted, "Christian Cotton Candy" manner.

Originally created by independent Christian film company, Sonlight Pictures, the NIKKI & BABS DVD will consist of over two hours of material, including five 30-minute episodes, plus special features, as well as bonus material for use by Youth Leaders, Bible Study, and Discussion groups. The show's creator Pete Bauer envisioned an original teen drama that would incorporate humor with

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