Sar Shalom (Prince of Peace) - Raphael Giglio

SAR SHALOM (Prince of Peace)

CCLI#: 5329946 Sar-Shalom, fill our hearts with comfort and the peace the world can’t understand Hold us close, like a loving father with a child in his hands. Lead us home to a place of quiet, though the world is overcome
with fear Above the sounds of tragedy and violence Be the only voice we hear. Sar-Shalom, Prince of Peace, may your kingdom reign forever, bringing peace to the people of the Earth. For you are our salvation and the hope of every nation is in you alone, Sar-Shalom.
Sar-Shalom, fill our hearts with worship, let our songs of praise never cease. Heal our land through your loving-kindness and by the power of your peace.

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