The Foreign Land & Second Coming

In this final age leading up to the Second Coming of Christ - we find that the world grows darker and darker. But even when we were in the primes of childhood, we found that this life lacked certain things that made it perfect. What a child wouldn't give to fly through the clouds for instance. Or even visit a magical city made of crystal & light. Fact is, we are not in the place the Lord had originally designed for us. The Lord's original plan entailed His perfect people existing on a perfect world full of splendour that is beyond our comprehension (as well as doing things that would stimulate all perceptive senses.) Good news is, however - that the Lord does have a plan for His people. Jesus Christ wants to give you your dreams (and beyond.) This time is nearer than most think - and will continue as we move beyond 2010. The world to come will restore what the Lord has originally planned for us, and will be even better than the original plan for the Lord has spilt His blood for His people and they will know of that love.

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