Hillsong - Hosanna acoustic cover

Better quality at www.youtube.com/imsaved93

This is my cover of Hillsongs Hosanna. Hosanna means save (me) and is an old Jewish word used in the context with their waiting for their messiah.
I just got a new microphone, and I think the sound is just amazing (this also being to a very reasonable price xD )
I had a slight cold, but I guess it doesn't affect to much =)
The chords are (attention, I use open strings):
Intro: C#m, E, F#m, Abm
Verse: E, C#m, F#m, Abm (B)
Chorus: Abm, A, B, C#m / A, C#m (B), B (C#m)
Bridge: A, B, E, C#m / A, B, C#m - A, B, E, C#m / A, B, A, B

Enjoy, greetings Jakob

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