Israel In Egypt - The Hebrew Slaves

ByFaith - In Search of the Exodus DVD. Is there any evidence for Joseph, Moses & ancient Israel in Egypt? Join two British adventurers as they investigate a three-thousand year old mystery and explore the most famous of all ancient civilisations - entering the tombs of the Pharaohs and examining temples to seek for the evidence, for one of the most controversial events in world history. Based on four years of research, join the brothers Paul and Mathew on their expedition in Egypt, as they hunt through ancient relics, analyse the best research and explore the mystery of the Biblical exodus. Discover the first reference to Israel outside of the Bible, uncover depictions of people with multi-coloured coats, encounter the Egyptian records of slaves making bricks and find lost cities. In addition, see how cultural and archaeological data can help reveal for the first time in thousands of years, what Joseph and the Exodus Pharaoh may have looked like to their contemporaries.

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