Stand! - Received November 20, 2009

Stand! - Received November 20, 2009

My children you must learn to stand your ground against the wiles of the enemy in these last days. I warn you because I love and care for you. Satan knows that his time is running out. He will come against My children and not the rest of the world, they belong to him already. He is after you, to get you distracted and away from Me. You know his schemes, be on the alert all the time. He is very sly, a thief and a murderer from the beginning. He has a plan, he wants to take as many as possible with him to hell where he is going. He trembles, because he knows his time is running out. Do not give in or up to his attacks against you. He wants to steal life from you, he is a murderer.

Satan will certainly tempt you, but I will not allow him to temp you above what you are able to bear, I will also give the outcome with the trials. My children you must stand steadfast against every temptation, trial, persecution, whatever cometh your way in these last days. Endure and stand firm.

Too many just want to give in at this late stage, that is just what satan wants them to do, it is his whole plan. He is trying every one of My children and will not leave you alone. Remember, he is your enemy not a friend and will try to deceive or get you of course right to the end. You must stand steadfast and be strong in Me. I will give you the strength to endure because without Me you will not make it and can do nothing.

My children, though the storms might seem huge and rough, stand through them all. I am with you in die midst of every fierce storm. I am the Rock on which you must stand and no storm is big enough to sweep you away from Me. Stand My child, stand!

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