Evergreen International

Evergreen is a non-profit organization that provides resources to those who wish to diminish same $ attraction (same-gender attraction) and overcome [email protected]!#$ual behavior. It is a resource to individuals, families, counselors, and religious leaders. See evergreeninternational.org.

Evergreen Mission Statement:

Evergreen is founded on the belief that the atonement of Jesus Christ enables every soul the opportunity to turn away from all sins or conditions that obstruct their temporal and eternal
happiness and potential.

Evergreen attests that individuals can overcome homo!$!ual behavior and can diminish same-!# attraction, and is committed to helping individuals who wish to do so.

Evergreen provides education, guidance, and support to those involved in the transition from homo%%$uality, and is available as a resource to family, friends, professional counselors, religious leaders, and all others involved in helping individuals who desire to change.

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