Christianity For Atheists 101 Part 1

Part One of Christianity For Atheists 101 - C.F.A. 101 with Gabe Graham. This video was shot in the summer of 2006 in Tampa, FL. The venue was a Hillsborough county public library where the Atheists of Florida have their bi-monthly meeting, I suppose designed to encourage each other in their unbelief. I met Joe Reinhardt, president of Atheists of Florida, one night while Team Hope was out witnessing in Ybor City, Tampa. He invited me to come speak at their meeting. I don't think he thought I'd take him up on the invitation. I asked him for 20 minutes of uninterrupted speech to present my case for the existence of God. I did get the chance to preach the gospel at the end, and then I answered some questions the best I could. I do believe that the Lord used me to help at least a couple of people doubt their doubts, and many others got mad, which is usually a sign that you struck a vital nerve. I prayed that the Lord would give me 20 minutes of spiritual dynamite. Feel free to use this video in any way you'd like.

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