Amazon Delivery Driver Prays Over Packages And Doorbell Cam Catches It All

Amazon Delivery Driver Prays Over Packages And Doorbell Cam Catches It All

It was a heartwarming moment captured on camera when this Amazon delivery driver prays over a package.

Monica Salinas was delivering medical supplies to a house in Nampa, Idaho when the sign on the door stopped her in her tracks. The note explained that these deliveries were for 8-month-old Lucas Pearson, who suffers from a congenital heart defect.

This means he is at a very high-risk for contracting COVID-19. Parents Raquel and Derek posted the thank you note on the front door to let workers know of their appreciation during these unprecedented times.

When Monica saw the note, the doorbell camera captured her stopping and saying a prayer. “God, Heavenly Father, please protect this family, help them get through another day, please don't let them go without and baby, just grow up to be strong. And then I said ‘Amen’ and I blessed myself and got on my way.”

When she spoke to Inside Edition, she said, “that's the kind of stuff that makes my heart cry and I felt the need to pray.” The family was touched by the prayer and shared the video online. The moment quickly went viral with many people commenting on Monica’s uplifting spirit in the face of many troubling days.

This is such a beautiful reminder that it only takes a moment to spread kindness and joy in a world that is desperately in need of positive news. We are lifting up the entire Pearson family in prayer and giving thanks for good people like Monica.