Inspiring 'Holy Water' Cover From Beckah Shae

Inspiring 'Holy Water' Cover From Beckah Shae

In an inspiring cover of ‘Holy Water’ by We the Kingdom, Beckah Shae uses her soulful voice to sing out the powerful lyrics of this song.

“Walking down this desert road
Water for my thirsty soul
I need You, oh, I need You
Your forgiveness
Is like sweet, sweet honey on my lips
Like the sound of a symphony to my ears
Like holy water on my skin”

This song just makes you want to get up and sing along while praising the Lord! It has such a great energy and has such a free and joyful feeling to it. The same type of feeling that you get when you know God’s love and feel His presence in your life.

In this music video, Beckah is seen singing ‘Holy Water’ in her home studio as well as outside in front of a picturesque field with the sun setting in view. It is so special to see the scenes where she is singing the song with her family and they are all worshipping together!

“I've heard other recent versions of this song, but Beckah, sister, you sang it with an anointing that drew me into confession and worship,” writes one person on YouTube. “God bless you and your husband’s musical efforts. They bless the saints! Glory to God!”

“Wow! I absolutely love this song,” comments another person. “Thank you Beckah for your passion. May God continue to use you always.”

During her younger years, Beckah grew up in a broken home and faced many difficult circumstances. But throughout it all, her deep-rooted faith in Jesus brought her through. “I know God’s allowed me to endure all the things I’ve gone through in life just to know Him better and develop a true compassion and genuine love for people,” Beckah says. “I’m on a mission to dive deeper into the heart of God, and I’m committed to sharing the truth and treasures I find while I’m in there! I am just one voice rising up to proclaim God’s truth and power for such a time as this.”

May this inspiring woman continue to use her God-given talent to bring Him glory!

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