From Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology)' Hillsong Worship Performance

From Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology)' Hillsong Worship Performance

In this beautiful worship performance, Hillsong sings their song ‘From Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology)’.

“What gift of love could I offer to a King
What weight or worth could be held
Within my offering
When He alone is worthy

A glory song is inscribed upon my heart
This treasure held in an alabaster jar I break
To bring Him all the glory”

Hillsong shared that they wrote this song around the Doxology, which is what they sing during the chorus of the song. It is amazing that this piece of music that has been sung by the Church for centuries still has the same impact and power today as it did back then.

Brooke Fraser, the female singer in this video, shares a little bit about the background of the Doxology and why it’s such an inspiring piece of music.

“The lyrics were written in the 1600s by an Anglican pastor called Thomas Kent, but the history of the melody is pretty incredible,” she says. “So, the melody precedes the lyrics by over 100 years. It came about in Geneva, Switzerland.”

Then, Brooke goes on to talk about a book of psalms that was being put together in Geneva at that time. “Why this was revolutionary at the time was because the prevailing Catholic practice was only the clergy would chant psalms in Latin and the rest of the congregation would observe. John Calvin revolutionized this by teaching that actually the psalms should be sung by ordinary people in the vernacular language,” Brooke explains. “So, it’s really powerful, that idea to us, that this melody was part of worship being available to everyday people. Everyday people could sing psalms to God. That melody is so precious and weighty for that reason.”

Later in the video, Scott Ligertwood talks about how Hillsong created the verses to go around the Doxology in this song. “What we were really fixated on for the verses was to explore the idea of what a gift it is to bring our gift towards God. I’m even reminded of the woman in Matthew 26 who breaks the alabaster jar, this expensive perfume on Jesus’s feet, and just the act of extravagant worship. What a gift that is,” he says. “It’s the paradox of Christianity, that as we bring something that is of worth and we sacrifice it and we give it to God, that that in and of itself is actually a gift because everything starts with God.”

May you find encouragement and hope while worshiping to Hillsong’s ‘From Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology)’ today.