Little Girl Spreads Love At The Grocery Store

Little Girl Spreads Love At The Grocery Store

There’s something so special about watching the world through the eyes of a toddler. Children truly see the world through a completely different set of eyes than adults. They are full of innocence and wonder about everything around them. I think this is a trait that a lot of us wish we had more of today.

16-month-old Joelle is just starting to explore her surroundings and learn about the world. And this tiny tot is loving every single second of discovering new and exciting things around her. Today, her mom, Caitlin, is taking Joelle with her to the grocery store. She thought it was going to be a normal outing, but this mom was in for a big surprise.

Just watch as this sweet toddler starts to walk around the supermarket like she owns the place. I just love how she smiles and waves at everyone she comes across. And it’s obvious that they are full of joy when Joelle makes her rounds. At one point, she even runs over to hug a woman in the meat department and my heart almost couldn’t handle the cuteness.

Little Joelle seems like she has the best personality and a heart of gold. And her infectious mood has caught the eye of people all over the world. This little tot’s supermarket fun has been viewed almost 50 million times on Facebook. That’s a lot of love spreading all around. Who else wishes that they could’ve seen this sweet toddler and her waves in person? I know I sure do!

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